Rebecca and Courtney roll out of bed to bring you all the highlights from this past week’s Overwatch League games, including Shanghai Dragons winning their first game and Boston scoring their second sex scandal in as many seasons.

Rebecca Watson and Courtney Caldwell are back, discussing the new season of Overwatch League and how they don’t really mind GOATS so much and also they’ve decided this is now an explicit podcast.

Rebecca Watson and Courtney Caldwell are back to talk a little bit of Pokemon and a lot about Overwatch: finals, all-stars, meltdowns, new teams, and the possibility of adorable new mascots.

Warning: this episode does contain clips from an awful streamer’s awful meltdown, which you can view in full on our Twitter timeline.

Courtney and Rebecca discuss week one of the Overwatch League Playoffs, including that insane LA Gladiators strategy on King’s Row and the gossip behind why they benched one of their best players. Plus, if you wanted to use pseudoscience to con Overwatch players, what would you choose?

Rebecca and Courtney discuss Wrecking Ball, aka Hammond, the newest Overwatch hero! Watch as his tiny body flops out of his mech when murdered. They also talk about whether or not Blizzard made money on their exclusive streaming deal with Twitch, and who is on the dream Team USA for the World Cup!

Courtney and Rebecca talk about the latest live patch, and how Symmetra is really cool now but the real news is that salt levels dropped to nearly zero following the introduction of the new endorsement system. EVERYONE IS NICE, or fake nice which is fine.

Courtney and Rebecca discuss the end of Season One, the awesomeness of the last stage’s playoffs, the ridiculousness of waiting a month for more playoffs, conspiracy theories about the map pool selection, and how they will now talk about Pokemon and drunk Amazon purchases.